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Manufacturing quality steel to deliver procurement services for global customers. Neelum Steel enhances construction productivity with low project costs. Designers and owners trust our aesthetic and strengthened steel because of its high standards. Our sustainable steels help you construct buildings to generate 100% revenues.Multiple projects can take advantage of building or constructing highly stable and strengthened structures. Neelum Steels continues to grow with innovative strategies of modelling and structuring. We enable the designers to modify steel structures to accomplish desired results. 

Our Services

We deliver high-quality carbon, alloy, tool, and stainless steel to construct towers, residential complexes, hospitals, bridges, and other sectors. Our expert team melts, molds and forms iron ore to form iron to utilize in countless products. We provide iron pipes, grates, bars, billets, sheets, steel slabs, wires, plates, and rods. We provide exceptional and reliable services to builders and manufacturers for remarkable construction.

Our Projects